When we find an extremely addictive game, we tend to share it with all of you immediately. That is because we were amazed of that certain game and we want you to go through that experience as well. This time we have a quite new ios game that quickly gained positive critics from its customers. It is called Nuts & Bananas and it is the most promising fun game suitable for all ages.

The gameplay of Nuts & Bananas is simple, yet challenging. You need to dash as fast as you can and catch whatever the monkeys throw at you. While doing that, you have to escape from the poisonous nuts and only catch the bananas. Catch as many as you can within the time you have and get some high scores. Sometime, the monkeys can toss other things – collect them and make them your achievements. At the start of the game you can choose from the menu to play in one of the four modes: easy, medium, hard or arcade. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy this game for sure!

This game also features various ways for control, like touch, tilt and keypad. The developers created it with a wonderful and colorful design, tidy IU and a gameplay full with challenges. Download this unique arcade game for free on the App Store and share it with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

App Store Download Link: Nuts & Bananas

Originally posted on Intellectualapp.